How to apply

You can apply to take part to the Biodiversity Partners Program 2022 in Southern Africa by filling our online form here.

Applications are open from
Wednesday, JUNE 8th to Monday, June 27th

Please note that you will be asked to give details about you and your project. You can save the form and come back later at any time. The application is completed once you've sent it.

All applicants will be notified by email on 18 July as to whether they gained acceptance to the program or not.

Please read carefully our Frequently Asked Questions below the form.

Frequently asked questions

What is the BiPP ?

The Biodiversity Partners Program (BiPP) is a project-based learning &  training program.
The training blends the most recent research about biodiversity regeneration and nature based solutions, as well as innovative practices about managing a project in a complex world. This acceleration program brings advanced pratical support to implement pronature projects. The entire program is a 4 months journey that brings together change makers from diverse sectors to strengthen their project and foster a community-building around biodiversity restoration.

Who can apply ?

The 2022 BiodiversityPartners Program is aimed at Southern African business ideas and projects that are in favour of nature and biodiversity in the following countries, Namibia, Angola, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, Lesotho, Eswatini/Swaziland.

The program brings together entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs from diverse sectors with no boundaries as long as the ambition is high for nature and people!

If you have a project within the institution you are working in or a project on your own that aims the restoration of biodiversity in Southern Africa; and you are available and willing to carry out the overall program (4 month and a face to face week in Stellenbosch-South Africa); this program might be for you !

How to join the program ?

• Have a project within the institution you are working in or an individual business idea that aims at restoration of biodiversity in Southern Africa.
• Be available and willing to commit to the overall program (4 month and a face to face week in Stellenbosch-South Africa).
• Enter your profile and project here and participate in the follow up interviews as part of the selection process should they be required.

How much does the BiPP cost?

There is a nominal entry fee of R1 000 to secure your commitment. If you are unable to meet this amount please contact us. All costs for the week in South Africa are covered, including flights, accommodation and meals.

When does the BiPP start?

The program begins the 1st of August 2022 and will last until November 2022. (See detailed dates on the page Southern Africa 2022)

What are the criteria upon which I will be selected?

Candidates will be selected based on their application, motivation, and the impact on biodiversity restoration and the potential in terms of innovation and the potential impact for society of its project. The potential of scalability and replicability of the project are also part of the criterion upon which the jury will assess each application.

What are you referring to as an innovative project or pro-nature project?

The Biodiversity Partners Program aims to support the emergence and acceleration of new regenerative practices on biodiversity in a wide spectrum of sectors. We understand innovative and pro nature projects as projects that:
- Do not simply focus on the conservation of nature, but encompass a much deeper ambition in order to bring together human development and biodiversity restoration.
- Establish a new method or practice that improve biodiversity considerations substantially in a given context.

When will the selection be announced ?

All applicants will be notified by email on 18 July as to whether they gained acceptance to the program or not.

In terms of personal time and time management, how is the program organised?

Stage 1 : 1 August - 2 September : 8 hours per week of contact time online to cover biodiversity and ecological transitions themes.
Stage 2 : 25 September - 29 September : 1 day of deep immersion in nature + 4 days for the human centered design sprint full time on site at the Sustainability Institute in Stellenbosch.
Stage 3 : 30 September - 4 November : 8 hours per week of contact time online to equip you to start, fund, and run your project.

What documents do I have to prepare for the applications?

You will be asked to upload a resume, and if you want, you will be able to download every document you find interesting for the jury to consider your application.
You can also download a video describing you, your project and what this program will bring you, it is not mandatory but will be appreciated by the jury.

Who selects the participants?

A jury will select participants based on the criterion mentioned above. The jury is composed by representatives of the institutions that are co-creating this program : the French Development Agency (AFD) and the Sustainability Institute and its associates.

Any questions ?

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