Acceleration program for pro-nature projects

Your project cares for nature and biodiversity? Join us !

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The Biodiversity Partners Program

An innovative acceleration and learning program on biodiversity, using methods that are :

Action Oriented
Locally Anchored

Act for biodiversity

We believe that we must collectively intensify the effort for biodiversity conservation, restoration and awareness.

In a perspective where environmental challenges question our ways of inhabiting earth, and in a situation of strong uncertainty, renewing the way we relate to other living beings is essential to build a desirable future. We need to foster the actions that contribute to this effort.

Act differently

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Go beyond biodiversity conservation

In order to sthrenghten pro nature actions, we think we need to go deeper from the usual knowledge on biodiversity, envision systemic changes and use traditional wisdom.

Beyond conservation, we want to support approaches that include biodiversity restoration & regeneration, raise awareness about biodiversity or change our perceptions of nature and living being.

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Bring biodiversity into new fields

To accomplish profound changes requires actions from all sectors.

We firmly believe that biodiversity has to be considered in a wider range of industries and structures: from city planning to natural resources management, from agriculture to industry, from NGOs to entrepreneurs, from public institutions to the media…etc.

The BiPP is here to support and assist innovators from every sector, as long as they are committed to find solutions to protect and improve biodiversity.

2022 Edition
2022 Edition

Unique editions

Every edition is unique and adapted to the regional context and to participants' profiles. The program itself lays over 4 months with a strong belief that innovative pedagogy reinforces participants' commitment and program's outcomes.